Guerrilla Stand-Out Advertising
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I created a fictional Poetry Event for R.H Sin, a Poet from New Jersey who writes with passion and often with themes of feminism. Some of his poetry may come as a shock, but a lot of it is very uplifting to read - especially as a woman. I wanted to bring this feeling out in the form of Paint, Illustration and Design. 
The series was created using Emotive Painting, which is the process I used when painting the brush stroke seen spanning across the multiple canvases. The poetry was read to me as I began to paint multiple brush strokes while listening to the words. Over 100 Canvases where painted before reviewing them all carefully and selecting the most dynamic and flowing piece.
While having a bold, passionate and emotive brush stroke, smaller easter-eggs can be found within the poster design, bringing the concept further to life.
Such as, the date being Valentine's Day, the setting being an intimate cocktail bar in YYC, as well as the love-heart icons and dot grid background. I created these posters to both work together as a series/one poster, as well as individually. 
An Ideal Setting for the Individual or Group Poster would be in a train station, or plus-15, and bus stops to advertise to the inner city people about this intimate event in one of YYC's up and coming cocktail lounges. Leaving them broken up as a mysterious element in advertising.

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